Give me a great line to text and grab his attention. .. guys?

I have been dating this guy but just a couple days ago he was concerned that we are not talking much. I don't want to lose him but I will talk to him face to face. Anyway I told you that situation so you can be aware. We are going to see a movie tomorrow. .. well that's the plan. He just got a new phone and he posted it on Facebook. He lost everyone's phone numbers so he asked to be text. Give me a flirty line I can text that will stay with him or something that will make him laugh. I want to be creative and let him figure out it's me... lol


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  • "I'll give you three guesses who this is. If you get it on the first try you might get a surprise tomorrow."

    • Haha, I knew this would get MH. Thanks!

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    • I responded by texting "good try? Key word was tomorrow. "

    • He responded as if he knew I was trying to catch him but I cleaned it up with that response... smh

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  • im ur angel that fell from heaven ;)

  • "You look like you have a huge cock"

  • "I'm horny"


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  • Lol i can't think of a line at the moment, but i'd always text a guy something that sounds dirty but really wasn't. That way, when he replied, I'd be like "Yeaaa you took that the wrong way"