How do I know if someone misses me?

How do i know if someone i was talking to in the past misses you. We didn't date because because i was Pretty shy and i don't like talking about feelings and she left for college. haven't spoken to each other in like 1.5 years and i guess i still regret it. My thinking is that she does not because she has not looked for me. I have asked around to our mutual friends acting like im just passively asking and i know we are both still single. I don't have her as friend in any social media because i was lame and did not have when i knew her so I don't know how to know because i can't just ask her. If i look her up and contact her i don't know what the reaction would be.


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  • If she hasn't looked for you, she probably doesn't "miss you" miss you, but she probably remembers you and feels sad that you're gone from time to time :(


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