6 Years and still can't get her out of my head... All Advice Welcome?

So its 4 in the morning and I still can't stop thinking of here. This girl I met 5 years and 9 months ago when she was holidaying were i'm from, she was her 3 times a year for 3 years, we always met up when she was on holidays and constantly messaging on Facebook but then 2 years ago they had family trouble and since then they havnt been here. We kept in contact but over time we fell apart. I keep trying to forget about this girl but find myself thinking of her every morning, threw my day and at night just wondering if ill ever see her again and what could have been. She's the only girl i have had feelings this strong for.

We live over 400 miles away so I never taught of doing anything about these feelings because i was so young and taught it was just a crush but now i'm 22 and my feelings are only getting stronger for her.

PS; I have been kissing another girl and imagining how good this would be if this was xxxxxx

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Hey GAGERS any advice on what ye think I should say to her if I was to message her. Its been so long think it'll be weird


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  • Why are you playing this girl when your head and heart are in a different place. You're obviously not over her! The only way to solve this is to FINALLY tell he how you feel and that will verify weather it's just a crush or something more. Go get her man!!!


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  • did you ever tell her how you feel?

    • No i always taughts I was too young for love and with the distance it would never happen but now I feel that this is the only thing in my life holding me back

    • I really can understand you. I really liked this guy for a few years, and then he kind of dropped out of my life and when he came back, I was going to tell him how I felt. But then he would always talk about girls he liked. I felt really sad and never told him. The best advice I can give you is find some defect about her that would've made a relationship really hard. Don't make her look like a bad person, just find a reason that would make you incampatible. It really helped me! It is really hard to get someone special off your mind, but it's not impossible.

  • You love her...


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  • You need to reach out to her and at least attempt to establish contact before she becomes permanently involved with a guy and you lose your chance.

  • REACT to your feelings before its to late