Guys take on girls bodies or what you are attracted to?

So I'm curious about what you personally are attracted to in a girls body. I'm asking because I kind of like a guy who works out often and is in good shape while i haven't been working out recently and have a little bit more of a belly than I'm happy with. Would you be less attracted to a girl who is not in amazing shape if you spent time on your body? But main question being what do you find attractive in a girl being the current body type (please say what type you are!!) you are now?

  • Super fit girls ftw
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  • Skinny with curves
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  • Little fat is ok but no fat chicks
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  • Fat
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  • I'm a chubby chaser
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  • I know you said girls, but I like a guy who's somewhat fit. Just no gut and no tits

  • Drake like his girls BBW