Why would a guy blush when you tell him he is who you want?

I dated him every week, sex and all for two months, then things started to slow down to every other week when I started asking where things were going, then every two weeks until he tld me that he didn't want a relationship. l respected that and told him I could try to see him casually well we got together and had no strings attached sex and I couldn't do it anymore because I wanted a relationship with him. It has been three weeks and I was trying not to call him or visit him but I couldn't and went to visit him at the meat market he works at. He gave me a hug and a kiss and I ordered meat and then he tells me if I wanted something else. I teased him by telling you know what I wan and smiled. He smiled, giggled and actually blushed... but he didn't call me... is he still interested?


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  • He is not interested. He will not call you. Avoid contacting him. Allow yourself a period of mourning until you get over this guy. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself by catching up on those things you've been putting off and force yourself to carry on with your usual routine. If you have the opportunity, go out with friends or on dates with other guys. You will get over it.


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  • Get over him, this is a hazardous relationship.


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