Is he going to ask me out?

All my friends thinks my guy friend is going to ask me out on Valentine's Day because he was so sure that i will have a bf and a date on Valentine's Day. I didn't really listen to them because i don't really believe it because we have been friends for a year and he knew i had a crush on him and he only likes me as a friend and he has told me he loves me and care about me as a friend and he wants to stay invested in our friendship, he had a girlfriend but they broke up and his friends are always smiling and staring more than usual and one of them who barely talks to me said that we looked adorable together. Ever since him and his girlfriend broke up he has been acting totally different, everything went back to normal always touching my face, staring at me for a long time, hugging me a lot and now he does it in front of his friends which is new.. My friends thinks he has a change of heart and realizes I'm the one for him. But I don't know.


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  • Dont believe everything you heard he might really care and love you as a friend so dont get emotionally attached yet until you're sure something can develop from your friendship


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