Fiances family is being ridiculous?

My fiance and I are engaged and I didn't get invited to his family birthday dinner. Like are toy kidding me we are freaking engaged about to start our lives together and I can't even celebrate with my own fiance on his birthday? My fiance saud hr was really mad on my behalf that his parebts didn't want me there but I told him to go because I would feel selfish if he didn't to because of me. He wasn't even going to go because they left me out. I couldn't believe how ridiculous his family is being I mean people that have been together 6 months most of the time still get invited when the family is going out for a family birthday dinner but we are engaged and I'm being left out? I have been left out of things before from his fam for weird reasons but I think this takes the cake. Sorry I just needed to vent about how ridiculous this is.

You kidding*
He was*


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  • Yeah it's crazy because you'll be part of the family soon but maybe they didn't invited you because his mother or someone else is jealous of you

    • Jealous of what? Familial love and romantic love are two different types of love. Yeah I agree in my opinion after a couple is serious they should be incited to family things as a unit especially when it is their own SO's bday they are celebrating.

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    • Well what she doesn't realize is that she is loosing her son even more by not including the women he is about to marry.

    • You're totally right that why I've promise myself that even if I don't like my son future wife I'll accept his decision because if he is happy I'll be happy too plus I want to see my son and grand kids lol

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