GIRLS, when is the right time?

I think if i don't express how i feel soon, she'll be gone, but if asking her is a mistake?
PS: I'm 20. I've never had a crush like that. When i get nervous, i talk like an idiot. So please consider that i will probably mess up when talking to her..


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  • There is no right time dear, the time will come eventually. People get their first loves even at 45, and you are just 20, so just be yourself, the right people will love you for what you are. :') :D

    • Plus ask her, it's never too late. :P

    • Hope you're right! because i'm being me for all this time.. still single hehe.. thanks for the support!

  • You should go for it seriously.. There's no such thing as the right time. People ask girls out on the first meeting and some accept too. Just go for it. :P

    • you again! :D
      It's not about asking her out hahah, is about telling her what i think without being too straight or awkward..
      I mean, because if she say "no", i don't how it will be when i talk to her again..

    • Hmm
      Yea well its gonna be bit of a challenge fr a shy person.. If you text each other tell her that way if you can't say it face to face

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