Getting over a person?

so as a relatively inexperienced dater, I've fallen into a trap

Basically I dated this girl for a little while and became incredibly emotionally invested in the relationship. I took it incredibly seriously to the point where I cared about major things she did and tried to solve her problems, even gave her gifts and stuff.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out in the end since she wasn't looking for a partner relationship and I guess you could say I was friend-zoned but the end was pretty positive.

But I've dug myself too deep and I really can't let her go. I've never cared about someone so much in my life, seriously, like no one.
but I know its going nowhere now so I wanted to ask some tips and get experienced input on getting over this person as it's seriously hitting my emotions real bad.

Thanks GAG community!


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  • dang, don't listen to that last bitter bitch! mean people. Okay, here is what you do.. don't dwell on her. dwell on a hobbie... don't listen to love songs for at least 3 weeks straight! practice makes perfect. it takes that long to change a habit. Try to do extra self care. Like get a massage, go to the ocean.. whatever makes you happy... just try not to think about her. good luck. I know it hurts hugs

    • thank you! that was a lot more helpful

    • You're welcome. Thanks for mh!

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  • It's not that serious. Just turn off the emotions and get the fuck over it.


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