Is he going to ask me to be his girlfriend?

I reconnected with my high school crush via social media. Right away he told me that I needed to come visit him where he's living now and come see that part of the country. Shortly after he admitted that he always hit on me in high school and I told him that I liked him but he seemed uninterested then. I guess he felt the same about me and wanted to know why I never told him then, but I was too shy then. So we planned a visit and he will sometimes tell me he's glad I'm coming and I'm gonna have so much fun. He also calls me Hun on occasion and sends the missy face emoji. The visit is coincidentally Valentine's weekend. Do you think he will ask me to be his gf? I really want him to but I don't want the suspense of my wondering to ruin the weekend.


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  • There's is a possibility that he will but try to not overthink it and hope for something so if he doesn't you won't get upset


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