How much of flirting is cheating? My boyfriend doesn't admit flirting is cheating. should I leave?

I am in a 5 month relationship with this guy and recently found out that he was flirting with a few other girls on whataspp and Facebook. He Calls them hot and says i miss you and it comes of sexual and inapproriate. I told him off and he said it was not cheating and he would stop since i am uncomfortable with it. I can't really trust him anymore. He says he love and doesn't want to lose me. Yes i did have sex and have sleepover at his place. We hang out and go on dates, even his friends and everyone in university knows we are dating. Is he stringing me along till he finds the best nsxt option by flirting around? he's the type of guy that girls are attracted to. he surprises me when he knows im hungry and goes to the gym with me. I am confused. Should i just leave this guy?


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  • Hi, sweetie.

    Are you kidding? That's cheating! That's definitely cheating. I'm sorry to say but it's the truth. How many times did he do that? If "he calls them hot" and says "i miss you and it comes of sexual and inappropriate", for gods sake. Girl, he's doing stuff he shouldn't be doing with other girls. If the two of you are in a relationship, I repeat, "in a relationship", you're both in a commitment. And the way he is dealing with the situation it's nothing!
    And if you can't trust in no more what's the point on been in a relationship with that guy? I know that you can like him a lot, but you need to let him go, believe me. Because if he's doing this online soon he will be cheating on you physically. There is no point.
    Now, this part "He says he love and doesn't want to lose me", that's what all guys says nowadays! They don't wanna lose you because they know you're faithful and a good girl, they say that so you stick to them so they can flirt with other girls.
    But it's your life and you do whatever you want. If it was me I would end the relationship and move on. There are a lot of nice guys in the world and I think you really deserve better than him. It's your decision. I already told you my opinion.

    Hope I helped you and good luck.


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  • If you feel that it's flirting and disrespectful then he should stop doing it. I've ended relationships over this because it made me feel bad and my ex's wouldn't stop, which showed me that they didn't value my feelings. So decide if you can accept that behaviour or not.

  • Dump him, because clearly he's a little fuck boy who can't handle a grown up relationship where you stay faithful to one another. If you did the same would he like it? Just ask yourself that. Because guys expect you to be ok with something they wouldn't be ok with, don't let him take you for a ride. He clearly has other priorities than to put you first and keep his eyes only on you.

  • Leave. Give respect to yourself and dignity. Leave him, I believe he is taking you for granted and he shouldn't. He should be afraid of losing you if he is doing such stupid things.