Girls I seriously need help?

I was 18 and in hs and dating a 18 year old. We dated for a year with no sex since she was a "virgin" and wanted to wait. We sadly broke up because because college got in the way. We'd still see each other/ mess around whenever she came back home for the holidays etc. So you can say this has been an on/off thing. We're now 20 and she still say's she's still a VIRGIN.

Should i believe her and do keep in mind she's a 10-10 rating? I seen pics of her on instagram drinking and partying and hitting clubs and flirting/talking dirty joking with dudes.

Note: She loves to say "i'm not putting out"


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  • I'm 20 and still a virgin, and know others the same age who are too, so it's definitely plausible. I would believe her if I were you, as I don't see why she would lie to you. If she wanted to wait while you were together in a long term relationship I don't think she would do it after a night out with a random stranger, I'd think she's want it to be meaningful and unless she's met someone else who has swept her off her feet I wouldn't worry if I were you. Of course I don't know her and I don't know you personally, but I know some 10/10s who are virgins, and if she's a 10 inside too she wouldn't lie about it ! And haha at the note

  • Why does it matter to you if she is or isn't? Partying doesn't mean she's slept with anyone.


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