Should I give up on her or not? I need answers, I'm going mad!

there's this girl, and i love her like crazy, we are friends of four. Me and three girls. but i fell in love with this particular. signs shows she likes me. but when i told her how i felt she said she only liked me as a friend and nothing else. i go out of my way to do stuff for this girl. i spend time with her till late. just me and her talking. i help her do assignments, she takes my clothes. i can't be just friends with her cause i won't be able to stand the fact that she might be with someone else. i asked why she didn't feel thesame and she told me didn't know, what should i do. my mind is telling me to give up and somethings telling me to fight on. :( i think im going crazy


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  • Ahh the friend zone. its in between a rock and a REAL hard place if u really like the girl.

    first up u need to decide are u ready to possibly put the friendship on the line and go for it. of u do not want to take the risk stop reading now...

    if u set ur heart on her this is what u need to do.

    I call this the risk vs reward.

    there are 2 outcomes to this

    seeing that u have decided to continue the read the outcomes are

    a) U took the risk and u got the reward

    b) U took the risk but u failed to get d reward

    in order to try to obtain option A this is what u shud do

    1) Take her out for a cup of coffee
    2) Just normal talk, get her to talk about her week and LISTEN
    3) Give her the spotlight and play the role of the listener, ask the occasional question to draw her further into the conversation
    4) Smile and look her in the eye... (work on this)
    5) Look at her traits. after say 20 minutes try to see how her body language is reacting towards u.
    take a sip of ur drink
    scratch ur nose
    move ur hands

    pay attention to her response, is she emulating the same moves?

    if she does, it shows that unconsciously she is either VERY comfortable with u or she really does like u.

    if the results are positive go with the truth method, b4 u say goodbye tell her again that u really do like her and u are willing to take a leap of faith. ask her to take the leap with you.

    smile and go ur own way...

    now do not contact her. wait until she contacts u. and she will trust me... give it a week at most

    good luck and all the best


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  • The fact that she takes your clothes makes me think that some part of her is interested, or at least likes the fact that you give her attention. She likes the attention, but not the idea of a relationship. I would say to ask her once more and if she says no then tell her to quit leading you on, and then move on.

    • EXACTLY! oh lord, but i feel i wana move on, because she's the kind to go out a lot and apparently she wants to be free, how do i move on. i see her everyday. should i cut contact completely or what?

    • yes. cut contact completely..

  • I think you should give up and find someone who will truly love you. You seem great and she doesn't deserve you if she knows that acting the way she acts makes you believe a relationship is possible when she doesn't want to. You're worth a lot more than that.

  • Give up and move on. She clearly isn't interested. Being persistent will only make her repel and your friendship will end too.

    • should i cut contact with her?

    • No. Just get over your romantic feelings for her, she just wants to be a friend so you will not be more than friends.

      But if it's that difficult for you and its too painful for you to stay only friends, sure, contact.

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