Why would he keep her promise ring? Also why did he tell his ex n now me that he wants to be with me forever?

My bf and I have been dating for over a year. I just found out last night from a family friend of theirs that he gave his ex gf a promise ring when they were together. He never did tell me about that but I understand why cuz it's not like he's just gonna come out n tell me. Another thing I was talking to his family friend about is how he says he wants to be with me forever. But he also told his ex gf that too. He is the one that broke up with her though because she cheated on him. I asked him about the promise ring last night n he said that he still has it and it's in the safe which is unlocked. I asked why he still has it n he said whay do u want me to do with it n I told him to pawn it off. Why would he still keep it? Also why does he tell his ex n now me that he wants to be with me forever. Should I believe him or should I not?


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  • I can understand why he doesn't get rid of the ring. Just like the marriage or engagement ring, its a symbol. The promise ring symbolizes his promise, he gave her that promise and she made herself undeserving of it, so he took it back, word and object. He may be keeping it to give to someone else, possibly you. (theres a part two to that).
    You are looking at the object, he's looking at the symbolism.
    Whether you choose to believe him or not, based on his actions in the past, is totally up to you.


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  • You should believe him.


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  • Stop digging up dirt from the past.
    None of this should matter, he is with you now.
    He no longer speaks to her.
    He has moved on.
    Who cares if he keeps his ring? It's locked away just like his love is for her.
    That should be the real symbol you see from all of this.

    He told his ex. he wants to be with her forever because at the time it was true.
    He found love again.
    He wears his heart on his sleeve.
    When he loves he loves hard.

  • You've been with him over a year, of course he's had other relationships and maybe he did want to be with his ex forever but she cheated on him so now why would he want to be with her?
    I think you're over thinking this.

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