Family is being verbally abusive about the guy I'm dating? what should I do?

I am going out with this guy and we're bf/gf. my dad especially has been vocal about the whole event. he's said things like 'you stink' 'you should wear a sign that says 'free'' 'i don't know why you go home' ' i don't wan tto see your face' 'you're stupid' 'he's too old' 'he looks like a terrorist', he even went up to my bf and told him to fuck off and that my bf looks 'scary'.
the words my dad says are very hurtful and makes me extremely sad. i'm not sure how his words are to help me or what he has ever done to help me to be honest. i've paid all the tuition for university by myself, and work full time. he doesn't buy me things like other dads, or help with getting a car. all he does is stay at home and yell sometimes swear at the top of his lungs at other members, but at me especially. he's called me 'worst than a dog' and that all i'll ever do in my life is 'play around' or the only good thing i'm good at is 'fucking'. but there are worst things he's called me. i know if he's not there for me financially or emotionally, he should just stop because it's causing me emotional pain. why must he do this?


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  • You can't change your family. Just stop spending time with them

    • i have avoided them the whole year to be honest. they get nothing done in life. and didn't think i'd grad from university. but sometimes its hard to deal with this shit looking back at how much its dragged me down, soon i want to make the move to get out of here

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  • Maybe it's because deep down he wants better for you? And that he has really bad social skills? But try not to worry about it too much. Things should get better as you both get older. It'll take time but he has to accept you. You're his daughter and he loves you

  • It sounds like to me you dad does not like the guy you are seeing due to his ethnic background.

    • yeah but he was brought up in a White family, so he doesn't believe in that terrorist shit. but dad called him a terrorist to his face

    • Well, ultimately whatever problem your dad has is your dad's problem. All you and your boyfriend can do is be the best people you can be. If your dad wants to behave that way, you don't have to associate with him. It is unfortunate, but you can't make your dad like your boyfriend.

  • Blimey he really doesn't like you does he? I wouldn't tolerate such comments and would have cut him off a long time ago.

    • thats what happens when u dont have a car and have no financial support. altho i understand its not an excuse

  • If I was your bf, I would punch your dad in the face. No offense.

    • no offence taken. I sometimes feel like exploding. in rage. but I have a lung problem so I can't yell back or scream, but there are days it's hard. obviously my bf was upset and I went to hug him after. it's awful the things he says to both of us

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