Girl advice: Call her or leave it alone?

I met this girl a couple weeks ago at a local bar. From the moment I saw her I was so completely taken back by her beauty. By chance, I somehow started a conversation with her and quickly realized she was even cooler than she was gorgeous. We shared all the same interests and hobbies. What really hooked me though was her passion for music. I could talk to this girl for hours upon hours but eventually I had to leave and we exchanged numbers. I could tell she was into me cause she hit me on the arm a couple times. Girls ALWAYS do that when they like a guy right?

So the next day she texts me about this band I told her about. We chat for a bit and that's it. I text her the next day, she texts me the next day and so on... this goes on for about 5 days before I decided to call her. She doesn't answer so I leave it alone for a few days and call back again. Again, no answer.

The next day she texts me something casually and doesn't even mention the fact that I tried calling her twice the last few days. I decided to just ask her out by text seeing as I can't get her on the phone and she declines. Apparently she's been having some issue of getting enough oxygen to the brain.. causing her to pass out. ?!?!? Why was she texting me all the time after we met?!?!?

I haven't talked to her now in 5 days and I don't want to come off desperate but I really REALLY like her. Why was she always texting me first.. using exclamation points and lol all the time. She always seemed excited to talk to me. Should I just leave it alone or wait a little bit before I contact her again?


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  • Hmmm...first off I really like your opening; it sounds very sweet.

    Now, this is coming from a girl that would not play with a guy's mind (I don't know the personality of the girl your interested in..) I would not text a guy in the way that you have said she has all the while having no intention of ever getting together again with you.

    There has got to be a reason for her not replying to your could be really any reason... 1. maybe she got out a relationship and she's nervous to get into one again 2. maybe she wants you to try harder (ie. in person if possible) 3. maybe she wants to play a little hard to get etc etc.

    These are the questions that men will never be able to answer about women and women will never be able to answer about guys.

    Hmm... ok I have a suggestion and you can either totally ignore it or maybe give it a try. This could either be something she would go for or not go for (in which case perhaps your question would be answered- you've tried and she's not biting). You were talking about bands right? Maybe find a song by a band that you both like having to do with liking a girl (something along those lines) and use that as an intro to asking her out via voicemail. If she answers then ask her straight up, but if not leave her another message (if you don't see her regularly). I know it maybe sounds a little corny, but girls want a guy that puts in the effort to get their attention and set themselves apart from other guys in her life. If you're not into the whole song thing- think of something that would set you apart and try it. I would say if this effort yields no results she's not interested- you've done your part.

    Hope this helps a little bit. I feel for you...


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