What are the reasons why some White girls like East Asians? How will they view East Asians like me?

I am an East Asian, and I am wondering why some White girls like East Asians, while some do not.

Do they like Asians because they feel interested in Asian values, and do not like Asians because they do not?

I am from East Asia, but compared with most East Asian males (I can say at least 80%), I am much more Americanized or Europeanized on major cultural issues, such as family, sports, religion and many people thought I am a White American when they chat with me online. However, I still have some East Asian features, both mental and physical.

So how will White girls perceive a quite Westernized Asian like me?


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  • I've never seen a white girl with an East Indian guy

    • There are, although it is not very pervasive. by the way, I am not an Indian.

    • East Indian would be *south* Asian, not East Asian.

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