Guys? Are you picky about what type of make up and what are girl wears on a date? If so why?

I know guys who are like so picky and girls, like guys want us to wear like different stuff when we go out.. like why is that, you want us to wear something that comforts you, I wanna be comfortable too like damnn! i

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  • Whatever she wants to wear and as long as she looks pretty. I honestly don't care, because if I'm on a date with someone, I'll think they're pretty with any amount of make up to none. I'd probably still find them attractive if they had just a little something by their mouth


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  • I just prefer no maku up. It doesn't mean I'm against make up, but I think it's just not necessary.

    • a lot guys prefer not make up, i mean why? Its a date, we wanna look good... yea but i have this thing that i do, i wear like light brown eye shadow going out and when its a party i do alittle bit more, but if its work maybe alittle concealer, and I dont wear a lot make up to sleep i wear black eye shadow to sleep

    • Because when a girls looks good naturally make up is just not necessary. Just for this reason. But, as I said, I don't mind if she wears make up, just too much isn't good.

    • I understand wear you are coming, i like being natural my self

  • To be honest, makeup helps a lot. But guys usually don't know anything about makeup so if you think you look good, we will think so too. Same with fashion. Just dress appropriately for the location.

  • As long as you like what your wearing I'm fine

  • I don't like makeup at all.

  • I am extremely picky about things like this because it's good to be controlling and overbearing. Girls love that shit. It's why I have zero.

    • I know. i like guys that are kinda controlling but not all that controlling because i know men dont want a women controlling but some women dont like men controlling them

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