He asks me out but then doesn't do anything about it! Why?

He has asked me out a cuple of times, everytime it goes like this: I agree, he says 'great!', he suggests a date, we arrange one that suits us both, we leave the conversation like that, I wait for him to tell me at what hour we should meet, he disappears.
He always does that! I don't get it.
(sorry for my bad English)


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  • um why don't you ask him instead of just waiting for him to say?

    • I did that one or two times but I can't help but feeling like he lets it slide. I would get that he's just not interested in me if I was the one asking him out but, then again, he is.

    • Just ask him why he isn't setting up a time. he could get nervous and change his mind last minute.

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