Virgo men or men period, what should I do?

I'm currently dating this guy (which is a Virgo) and it seems he's either not being 100% honest with me or he just has his guards up on full force. Im a Pisces so I can over exaggerating sometimes. I just hate not knowing if we're heading into the direction I want it to be and I don't want to pressure him about it either. So I ask you men out there, what do you thin I should do?

I really like him!😩


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  • Do Virgo and Pisces even get along? Why not try a Capricorn?


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  • I guess you can give him time. Virgos don't open up to other fast. So I guess he most likely just has his guards up on full force.


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  • LOL. Virgos do have a a huge PMS tendency, especially online. They're so touchy, and take shit being said to them as personally as though it were in real life.

    • Lol Yes! But they can be really funny also. Also Hit positve. Thanks for you comment!

    • Please excuse my grammar, I don't know what the hell that was about. Lol!