Do you think this is Coincidence or not?

Long story short, I asked where I stood and he said it seemed like we were getting to know each other as friends and said one person liked the other more (he was talking about himself) and said we didn't do couple things ( I kept shying away when it came to kissing etc). He sounded a little annoyed to be honest and I didn't get around to telling him what I later wrote in a message.

He texted me the next day and I thought this was a good sign, we spoke throughout the day.

I had a lot to say in the message and it was the first time I've really opened up about my shyness and how I feel etc. It wasn't a love letter or anything I just wanted him to understand why I am the way I am, so he didn't get the wrong idea. I wanted to meet up with him however I've been ill over the last few days. Anyway he seemed to respond well to it, said he appreciated it and knew it must of been hard for me to tell him that. He said he knew I was still nervous he just didn't realize how nervous.

Anyways so over the weekend I've been texting him as you do and he has taken ages to reply back which is annoying the shit out of me, I can't lie. I know he's busy I get that. But it kinda doesn't feel like a coincidence. I mean he is busy guy, active social life but he would never take this long to reply back before.

I care, I probably care too much to be honest. I directly asked if he wanted to be friends and his response was ' one person likes one more than the other' then he wanted to change the subject. If he said let's be friends I would be like okay cool, but now I kinda feel like he knows how I feel now he's being distant.

So what are your thoughts?


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  • It could be a coincidence. Maybe he is super busy this weekend

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