Lots of people asking questions about their ex's.. Help me?

Me and my ex broke up Some time ago. (Started dating July 9th and broke up October 29th). And we still talk. Off and on from time to time. But every time we end up talking again feelings from
When we were dating start to form again and bam.. I fall for her everytime. And then we stop talking and it tears me apart. So obviously I still like her. There's these times when I just want to get it all out and tell her exactly how I feel. But what holds me back is the thought of us not talking anymore. by the way (reason for break up. She was super busy all the time and I was getting aggravated with it. But won't anymore.) ️what should I do? Should I try to hang out with her and just tell her everything when we are together?


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  • It's like this Alex:

    Honesty is the close cousin of truth. Not every time when someone is honest are you going to get the unvarnished truth, but you'll get the closest approximation to the truth than you would going any other route.

    Y'all are broken up and clearly trying to do the whole "let's be friends" thing. Having done this TWICE before, and at a much later age than you, I can tell you that it does not work out in the long run.

    So my advice is:
    - Tell her how you feel
    - Tell her how things will change if you pursue a relationship again
    - Listen to what she says
    - Discuss any issues y'all may have at the moment

    Either you're with her now, or eventually you will not be with her. That is usually how life works. Could you continue to talk to her until y'all are both 93 and on your deathbeds? Sure. But why would you waste your entire life pining for her when you could just have her and treat her right?

    Be honest and understanding, Alex. And live your life. That's all you can do.

    Good luck, kid.


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  • Talk to her dude and hang out with her , tell her everything you just mentioned.
    These feelings are not going to go away.. so many months went by and you still have feelings.

  • So you're the one who broke up with her?

    • We both decided to break up. Because she was really busy over the summer. And we were getting into petty fights and it was stupid.

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