Does he like me? Short but sweet answers, please?

I feel incredibly stupid even asking but I'm going for it anyway... ;) This guy is incredibly hard to read. He seems really cautious around me; I feel perhaps it's a defense mechanism from getting too close to me. We definitely have a connection; both intellectual and an intense physical attraction. The other night he sent me a song he sang and played on his guitar; just a short clip of a romantic song. I loved it of course. But then the next day he was "liking" some other girl's photos (innocent photos, i. e. no bikini shots or anything sexual in nature).

Am I reading too much into his "liking" her photos? I feel like he let down his guard in a big way by singing to me (he's a pretty guarded person) and I made sure to let him know how appreciative I was... Am I just being too much of a girl here? lol

It's actually one other girl in particular I'm referring to. Not multiple.


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  • Oh yes, a guy singing to you? He definitely likes you! I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about him liking another girl's photo yet. She could be a friend, acquaintance, etc. Also, under normal conditions, a man who is very guarded is currently in what I call "observation" mode. Find out why he is so guarded if you can. Also, try to increase your interest by flirting or showing more attention. If he likes it, then gradually increase it. If he does not, then back off for a while. Cautious men tend to be complex, if nothing else just be patient! One way of looking at it, is my dealings with shy or very insecure girls. You have to patient with them since they tend to be more cautious. The man may not be shy or insecure but just very security prone... Sorry about the long answer :P

    • This describes him to a T. I've gotten to know him quite well and usually can read people pretty easily but when it comes to our relationship it's complex for some reason. I know I just have to be patient with him. I really mean this when I say it but even if it doesn't work out for us romantically, I still really want him in my life as a friend. He's a wonderful person and challenges me and inspires me. I'm usually a pretty secure girl but with him I feel myself crumbling a bit. Not to be too conceited or anything but I'm a beauty queen for goodness sake... I'm not a dog. I think it's because I've become invested in him that now I'm starting to worry. And that leads nowhere good. Thank you for your intelligent answer; I'll just show my interest, back off when necessary and give him the space he needs. And be patient. Thanks so much, Curiousman123!

    • No problem, good luck! :)

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  • If a guy likes 20 girls photos, then he likes 20 girls. We can't focus only on one girl and risk that girl not liking us back, especially when they expect guys to spend months befriending them first. So, we split it up, befriending multiple girls. You catch more fish with a net than a fishing rod.

    • I get that. I do. It's a numbers game. Thanks for the reply.

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  • I wouldn't jump to anything yet, let it unfold. Give him a chance to say whether he likes you or not.

    • Thanks shadowlegend... I appreciate your reply.