Why don't girls develop feelings for me? Could it be how my face looks or is it more personality dependent?

So first off I'm a huge believer in that looks/attractiveness are 100 times more important than anything for guys when it comes to dating. Nothing will change that belief (which is essentially a fact). I'm only 22 but have had lots of success with things like Tinder and casual sex has been relatively easy to obtain (although largely with average looking girls).
Anyway a bit about me, well im going to medical school, im a top level athlete and definitely have a very attractive body. I also get personality compliments more than anything. I've been complimented on my body a lot too of course, been called handsome/cute quite a lot (but also been called ugly a few times).

So on the whole I'm confused why I have a bit of a tough time when it comes to dating. I meet girls who are student-athletes who basically have the same values as me (following the advice from women to pursue likeminded girls). Usually they aren't interested at all beyond a little casual talk. A couple times they have been, we had sex a couple times then she lost all interest quickly.

So anyone have any honest insight? Overall I'm pretty certain that personality has very little effect on things like this. As long as someone can hold a convo well, be funny and charming (and I definitely meet that criteria) then there isn't much more to it than that.

Ultimately it seems like women develop feelings for men who are classically handsome. Despite the frequent compliments, I'm thinking that my face is perhaps a 6-7/10 so a bit above average for sure but not quite THAT attractive. On the other hand the body and athlete status helps attract many average looking girls enough to get laid.

So that's my theory... I'm pretty confused overall since some female friends have always been like "oh you got the looks, body, brains blah blah you can get any girl you want." Of course reality =/= theory.

So what are everyone's thoughts?


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  • Your probably meeting girls who ONLY want you for how you look, and or they just aren't for you. Remember sometimes opposites attract. Try talking to some new people, maybe the really shy girl. People can surprise you. You need to find somebody who appreciates your personality. It sounds like your doing all the trying and the other girls are just brushing it off. You need to find someone who puts in the same amount of effort. If they are shy they might be scared to go all out, but when they warm up they can be wonderful! Just keep your mind open to new people, and try talking to someone you wouldn't normally talk to, someone out of your circle. I am not saying go up to some dangerous people, but just try to expand your horizon a bit.


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