Girls and a Guys, what's your dream partner like?

What do they look like or what's their personality?


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  • I'm glad I made a copy/paste for a lot of the frequent questions here.

    To be highly specific:

    -slightly younger than me
    -slightly shorter than me
    -B cup breasts
    -Blonde hair, long
    -green or blue eyes
    -doesn't like pop or rap
    -likes bands like Cake, RATM, Disturbed, E Street Band, The Rat Pack, Nightwish
    -likes the movie "The Last Castle"
    -plays an instrument (I play trumpet, it'd be nice if she could read music as well)
    -"Nerdy", for fuck sake I play WoW.
    -Must be a dog person
    -Not a republican

    Also, cute>hot

    Though honestly, to put it as simply as it can get, I'm looking for is a girl who is my best friend before anything else. And yeah, I have a list of preferences and likes/dislikes, but for her to become my best friend most of those are going to be met.

    In the words of my favorite comedian:

    "All we want is love
    Its worth more than money, worth more than fame, or an Astin Martin.
    Someone we can fight with like crazy and then have the kind of make up sex that makes your left side go numb

    Somebody who will go to court for you, and lie.

    Somebody who makes you horny, even after they’ve puked in your car.


    Somebody who you can be with for 65/70 years of your life until you’re sitting on the porch of the house you bought together. And you’re old wrinkly and smelly and poop through a hole in your side. And she’s old, wrinkly and smelly and can’t remember your name. She just keeps calling you the nice man. But you’re still in love, and you’re holding each others hand and as you stare into each other’s milky cataract filled eyes your hearts well up explode and you both die, ugh.

    That’s all we want."


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  • A lady with some GRUNT in her engine , flowing curves and eyes that shine in the night , lightning fast wits and roars like a lion , no non-sense, no bullshit kinda gal.

    No , not the girl , tell her to get off it , she'll make it dirty.
    I'm talking about the bike.

  • Personality: Sassy but in a sweet way, funny, quirky, classy but with a sexy edge.
    Looks: Overall toned body, a couple of inches shorter than me, cool sense of fashion, curves on the right places I guess. lol

  • Like Lindsey Stirling but without the religion.

  • she dont exist :(

  • Looks: I'd like her to be my height (5'10"), thin, have toned abs, shoulder length hair or longer.

    Personality: socially conservative, smart, hard working/driven, but also funny, laid back playful at times.

    When asked about a dream girl's personality, I usually reference this Olivia Wilde & Mike O'Brien clip:

    In the clip, Olivia is so laid back, funny and PLAYFUL, she's great, just great!

    However, like I mentioned, I'm also drawn to smart, hard working/driven gals. My current crush at work is 29 years old (I'm 34) and she's a supervisor in another division and she manages a team of people who are like 10-15 years older than her and she has these high level important meetings with people.

    My big crush in high school was a gal who had straight A's, was a valedictorian, and also was a track star who set a school record for the 3200 meter run. After high school, she went on to get a medical degree, and, if I understand correctly, is doing residency at an Ivy League college. She also met with President Obama in 2008 when he was still a senator and was running for president. He came to her college to do a panel discussion on health care, and she was on the panel while working on her medical degree at the time.

    So I guess my dream gal would be both driven and laid back - perhaps this dream gal could compartmentalize and be driven when needed, and laid back when needed.

  • I am old fashioned, but someone with a big heart, an amazing mind and loves me with all of her heart like I would her. Is honest and Respects me like I would her. that we could be the perfect balance to each other. Looks.. Guess honestly med. to small girl. Hight does not matter to me. I do like blue or green eyes nut not picky a strong woman mentality. Someone that respect there self is a huge turn on and something I really love to see. Some one that is sweet most of the time. But will not put up with bs from other people such as guys being rude/disrespectful.


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  • Slim, darker hair, tall, great style, nice teeth, cute eyes and smile. His personality would be cute, bubbly and caring but tough and a bit mysterious. Like a bad boy stereotype but a softy when we're together 🙊

  • very tall
    a little insane
    good dick
    good head
    enough money to support a family

  • I like guys that are funny. sweet, kind, caring, cute, nice smile, family oriented, driven, somewhat romantic and taller than me lol (my list gets shorter the older I get lol)

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