How can I be a better kisser?

I'm dating a guy I really like. We're both kind of shy, so he didn't kiss me until we'd been dating for about a month. And when we did, it was really bad. I was nervous. He went for it and not slowly at all and I totally froze up. Then on top of that a few days later he brought it up to me that it was really bad (jokingly) so now I got really self conscious about kissing him. Since then we have kissed 2 other times and made out once. I even got really drunk once so I wouldn't be as nervous about it. Every time we kiss I ask him if it's better and he doesn't say no, but he says something like we need to get used to each other. It makes me feel so self conscious.

He has dated a lot more people than I have and he's not a virgin. I have dated only 2 other guys and wasn't with either of them long enough than to kiss them a handful of times. One of them told me I was a really good kisser. I didn't really like either of them, but the guy I'm dating now I have a lot of feelings for, so I don't understand why I have such an issue kissing him.

Other than the kissing, we get along really well and he's so sweet to me. I couldn't ask for anyone better, but how can I be a better kisser? This really bothers me.


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  • Its sorta just a practice thing. Just be calm, and go with it. You can't really learn it you just have to feel it. And remember he really likes you, you don't have to be nervous, he wants to share the moment with you cause you're special to him.


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