I am told I am taking my breakup way to hard and need to move on?

Its been two months since my first love cheated on me with her ex. I've been devastated.. Life no longer has meaning to me, im constantly crying myself to sleep, can't focus at work. The best thing is, she's with her ex, and having a great time, and im crying over her. Thats what hurts the most. I loved her so much, and i feel stepped on, and will never be good enough for anyone.

I keep blaming myself, like maybe i was too good to her or whatever. But she approached me and wanted to date ME, she was on the rebound and i was the fool to believe it was true love. I just wish i can have her back.

People tell me if its really love, she'll come back. I'm sure she will, she has always begged for me back whenever we broke up. But its been longer than usual this time.. We've dated a year, and im so broken...

I've been hanging out with friends and family to get her off my mind, and i've also tried hanging with other women, but she was just perfect to me. Nobody can beat who i thought of her as.

I don't know what to do with myself... Life is just so different now, and i've never felt so bad in my life.


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  • It is 100% not your fault it was her shitty decision to hurt someone she was seeing and go behind your back. That is a reflection of her character not yours. I would see a counsellor to help you with your negative thoughts and spiralling. I think you need a new perspective on the situation as you've become a bit too wrapped up in your grief and pain. 2 months though is still fresh and don't let anyone set a timeline for your pain.

  • By doing what she has done, she hasn't been loving to you at all. You seem like a really great guy and you deserve better! She's doing this necause she is thoughtless and because she knows you will take her back. I think maybe you have put her on a pedestal and she doesn't deserve to be there. You need to try to get over her and find someone who treats you with the love, respect, and commitment you deserve. So many great girls out there but while you are hung up on this girl you dont leave yourself open to accepting someone into your life that makes you truly happy. You are only young, this is your first love - you can and will find love again - and maybe you can't imagine it right now, but it will be better than this!

    • I did put her on a pedestal. I feel like when you love someone, you should give them all the love you can offer. And boy did i love her...

    • I agree that you should give someone all you have when you love them. But you need to find someone who believes in the same - imagine how utterly wonderful if you found a girl who loved you back as much as you love her! Because you are such a loving guy, you need to learn to recognise when the girl is taking advantage of you and accept that not everyone will be as kind and loving as you.

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