Movie night. how far in advanced do I ask?

ok so on February 7th my family is going to the movies but i dont want to go to that one so i want to take a girl to see another movie with me. Am i able to ask now or is this to far in advance?


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  • I guess asking her right now should be fine. She'll have enough time to think about it and she might reserve that day to spend time with you. You'll probably be marked on her calendar!

    • If say someone asked you to the movies two weeks in advanced you would be fine with that?

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    • Did she tell you why? :/

    • Yes! She said no because she had bball practice and couldnt miss it.

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  • A week time in advance, girls dont appreciate last minute plans. Make her feel like she's a priority

  • ask your family now, as the girl maybe like this Friday . Just over a week.

    • Its fine with my family (even though they dont think i have the guts to ask her) but what i meant is is like now to soon?

    • I don't know. I feel like young people are usually pretty last minute. Like I remember all the plans I made in highschool were like. HEY WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW LETS GO. Not "hey we're doing this in a week." That being said I would have preferred a weeks notice. But like 2 weeks notice is a little too much. Don't ask earlier than Wednesday.

    • Ok. I dont like last minute cause that seems rude and disrespectful to me cause it doesn't give her any time to think but like way in advanced will give her to much time to think lol

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