Am I too timid? I feel like she's discouraged by my guard. Im STUPID into this girl. What do?

Okay so I've knowm this girl for a while. My ex was threatened by her being a friend so I had to cut contact with her. Long story short my ex cheated on me so I left and now I'm back into the dating game. I could go on and on about this girl but she's a super solid person and we reconnected and she ended up asking me out to dinner.

I know she liked me enough to go out with me more than once. When we talk its eyes locked and smiles. We talked about our dating history, morals intimacy etc and all that Jazz.

She's my gym partner now and at least I feel a lot of tension. I'll catch her staring occasionally and she doesn't mind my hands on her when I'm assisting her with form and such and we get playful exercising and we chat a lot.

Neither of us seem to be big into texting (at least I'm not) so our contact is usually face to face. I've vocalised the fact I am a very affectionate person but I'm picky with who I touch/let touch me and she's slowly worked her way into me being comfortable.

I feel like I'm too cold at times and it's off putting to her and maybe she's turned off or giving up? It just feels like I've pushed her away a bit or that I'm giving off friend vibes (even though I do flirt a bit)

This girl is awesome like I don't know if she's even real lol Id really love to see where we could go with this but it's hard to tell if she's actuslly into me or not. Or if I've got a chance with her/ if I already dug my grave.

I'm bad at making moves but Valentine's days coming up and as prude as I am I've been thinking about laying one on her (a kiss) a lot but I don't know if that's too bold or what.

Seriously I know I'm messing up somewhere... What can I do to help my situation?


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  • Just make your move and kiss her. Eyes licked, smiles, touches at the gym that she didn't mind suggests she likes you - in that case, an unexpected hug or kiss is really exciting. The worst that can happen is she lets you down (and then at least you know), but from what you said I'm quite certain she will kiss you back. She's probably hoping you will hurry up and make your move...

    • She's just hard to read and honestly I've never been intimidated by a girl like this before. You're right though I think if I shoot the worst that could happen is she doesn't recieve it well. Rejection is better than regret.

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