Many girls want to be close to me but I have my reasons to reject them. Ist wrong?

Many girls look after me but I'm jobless at the moment and I dont want to involve in conversation with a girl about why I dont work or whats my problems that hold me to not work

In other hand I still want gf but I think it won't work because I have no job I won't ask for money or pay for anything but I just dont like to look weak in eyes of girl

Is my reasons enough to stay away from them?

Or why not give it a try?


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  • It is purely up to you, it's not wrong if that is what you want to do. I can understand that you want to avoid that, but it can also be good to find a girlfriend. You may be able to find that one thats going to be THE ONE. If you are currently unemployed it could be your chance to find a girl, who purely wants to be with you for you no matter what. But it is up to you of what YOU want to do. Nobody can make the choice for you.


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