How to fake normality?

People tend to pick up on you being a bit weird/awkward fairly quickly, any advice on how to hide it?


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  • I'm trying to learn this myself.

    Say little empty quips.
    Learn generic pop culture.
    Laugh at crappy jokes.
    Try to participate or stay near others.
    Dress the same.
    If in school fake struggling with material if everyone else finds it confusing.

    • I guess I was meaning mainly how to conceal being nervous.

      I'm not still in school...

    • Oh. Nervousness?

      Ah. No fun. To do that you just stand up straight, eyes forward, shoulders square, and talk to people in a calm and slow voice.

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What Girls Said 2

  • You imitate other people. You observe & adapt & dumb yourself when the situation demands it.

  • Why would you want to be normal? O. o

    • I don't. I want to seem normal enough for girls not to lose interest.

    • Hmm I though a little awkward & weird Is attractive

    • Well if that's the case I guess I'm too weird/awkward, so I need to try to seem less awkward.

What Guys Said 1

  • why do you want to look like a boring ordinary person?

    be proud of who you are and ignore those suckers who pick on you

    • No one picks on me, I just want to appear normal enough so girls won't lose interest.

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