Showing a little love?

In the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend he was always lovey dovey. Now he's not really showing signs of it at all. I just feel like something is up and I don't know what it is. He's not really happy around me either. I always ask him why he doesn't show any love anymore, and his response is that he always says he does, but he really doesn't. I always try to suck up to him, but I feel like I shouldn't be doing that at all. Any feed back?


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  • you don't say how long you have been together. After a certain period that newness wares off and you become a couple. Your not going to have that "lovey dovey' feeling all the time. So either he is just getting very comfortable with you and your relationship... or... he is loosing interest in the relationship. You should have a conversation with him.


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  • He's either just getting comfortable or losing interest. How long have you two been together?


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  • this happened to me too ,
    1-leave him some space , let him miss you.
    2-dont contact him if he is giving you the cold shoulder.
    3-avoid being available to him 24/7
    4-dont text/call him all the time
    5-dont be immediately responsive
    6-when you talk to him tell him about your wonderful day
    sometimes people know what they have only when them go
    this worked for me hope it will be helpful for you too.