I saw my ex's friends at a bar, and now my ex is texting me?

I haven't seen my ex in 4 months since he ended it with me. About a month ago, my best friend ran into him and his friends at a bar and spoke to him/hung out with them. The next day, my ex and I chatted about it a bit, and he was getting super flirty with me. No contact since then. I saw all of his friends at a bar this weekend, and they were all saying how much they like me, they were bashing my ex quite a bit too. My ex has now texted me about running into his friends. He has said he was supposed to go too, and that there's "always next time"...

Anything to make of this?


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  • His actions are pretty self explanatory, what are u confused on?

    • which actions? the breaking up with me or the texting me after I saw his friends?

    • Texting After u saw his friends.
      But keep in mind that he's an ex, were u hurt by him?

    • I was! he was talking about marriage/kids etc and ended it for seemingly no reason.

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