Girls/ Guys, How would you handle situation someone you been talking with you find out their phone number is listed under a different name/ gender?

This girls name is Lucy, so she gives me her phone number
so i become suspicious of her forcing me to text her plus
she claims to had "KiK" but claimed to delete it so she
said , why not text her well i am leery to give numbers out
i did a trace on the number it comes back to a males name
this Lucy is suppose to be a 25 year old woman not a 39 year
old male. So what's your opinions would you continue talking
to someone under them terms cause you see red flags?
I ask to call her up she said, Nope can't be done she was
also trying to get me to talk sexual over text message so
you think I'm being "Catfished" ?


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  • Def sounds like a catfish..

    • Now she wants to come to move to Pennsylvania and
      find apartment and i am so leery cause i don't even
      know what she looks like , she claims to be Bipolar
      okay i am not judging her on it but i have mixed
      feelings on why she can't give me clear answer

    • Thank you for your advice:)

    • Red flags.. Run away.. Far far away..


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  • hahaha

    i'd delete her after finding out sth lke this

  • I think you've been catfished, my friend. Time to call it quits.

    • Thanks :) Yeah this person seems very well skilled at it too !

  • Catfished bruh, sorry to hear that.

    • Thank You :) Yep that's what i'm thinking :)

  • Sounds like she's using you to get another guy jealous.

    • Thank You:) I'm thinking so !