My girlfriend wants to try using tongue... But I have no idea what to do?

Basically up there ^^. As we have only made out a few times I am completely in the blue on using tongue. Just looking for a little help please


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  • Tell her you're waiting til you're legal age.

    • Seriously? There are no laws against making out

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    • Plenty of 15 year old's aren't having premarital sex.

      The question is they're still not having it when they're 25.

    • Ok but my point was that since I'm not even old enough to get married I'm definitely not going to have sex yet

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  • I felt the same way at first but it is actually really simple and comes pretty naturally. Start with something simple, like the tip of your tongue brushing hers and see how she reacts. Trying to explain it is really hard since it really does just come naturally. Just make sure you aren't shoving your tongue down her throat because that is never fun for anyone. I also think one of the most important things here is that you can't be afraid to laugh off mistakes, nobody's perfect and if you get uncomfortable or awkward every time someone makes a 'mistake' it will kill the mood.

  • At 15 I would say if you're playing tongue stuff, like French kissing, fine.
    Just don't go any further just yet.
    You are in for a wonderful future of sensual fun.
    So you never force your partner, ever.
    She my show some early reluctance, she's entitled to that.
    Respect yourself
    Respect her
    Have responsible fun


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  • You open your mouths and just use your tongue to touch hers. move them back and forth. Take turns with your tongue in her mouth and hers in yours.

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