Think my girlfriend is depressed?

We can't see each other right now because of her parents. Going to be moving out soon and she stilll has to sneak around and it's really hard on her because she wants me but doesn't want to lose her family. caught her crying a couple times. But she completley chooses me. She doesn't go out almost at all said she's fine just has no desire to. But she denies everything says she is fine. Says she doesn't expect me to wait forever says that's life I might meet someone amazing And that's just life.


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  • Have a deep talk with her. Tell her that you're here for her and that she can talk to you about anything. Usually when we say we're "fine" we're not. We sometimes say that just to see if you will care or not and get mad if you just brush it off when we say we're "fine". I think you should talk to her and let her know that you care about her wellbeing and you want to know what to know how she really feels.

  • even tho she says you can meet someone else cuz thats life , dont cuz deep down she dont want u to do that.
    you should be there for her , and u should let her know that no matter what ull be there for her , and ull wait for her.
    surprise her , text her make her feel special cuz thats what we girls need

    • She hates that sappy stuff. Or at least says so.

    • no one hates sappy stuff i mean we girls act like we do hate it but we dont.
      we dont want to be seen as needy thats why we do it , me personally i love when my boyfriend texts me says good morning , gives me love it just makes us happy and wanted

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