Does my boyfriend still want to be with me?

Basically my boyfriend has been really off in the way of he doesn't talk to me as much as he used to and he isn't being as cute as you used to be...

Am i just being stupid or does it sound like he's going off of me?

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  • Too little information to decide. Maybe his mood was off.

    • he's been off for the whole weekend, we haven't had an argument or anything he just started to become off with me

    • Ask him that why he is silent, if his behaviour is rude then take it as red light.

  • You might just be past the 'honeymoon phase' this is after the initial rush of being together has faded away. Sometimes it can take people a while to realise that this is happening and adjust to making the relationship something
    Other times, people lose interest once this is over.
    Just try talking to him about it. It's always the best thing to do


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