Girlfriend going to college abroad for 11 months, what do I do?

A little back story. My girlfriend and I have been dating very seriously for a few months now. I am a junior in high school and she is a senior. We love each other very much. She is going to college next year (I'm totally ok with that, I can visit very often) but she is seriously considering a work study program in Italy. The program would require her to live in Italy for 11 months (June - May). She says that my opinion matters and that she doesn't have to go on this. I don't want her to go away. but I also don't want her to remember me as the guy who didn't let her go study in Italy. What should I do?


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  • You have to look at it this way. That is her life and her future, if she really wants to go you should support her 100% if you are happy about it or not.

    My boyfriend and I we going to date in the summer before he went away to college for his fist year but his thing was "I can't do long distance" so we went from just seeing each other to just not talking. Until a month after he came down to visit him family texted me asking me to hangout. And like always the day was perfect and the goodbye was horrible... A week after he called me crying saying he can't do it any longer and can't live any longer knowing I am not his.

    We are madly inlove and he is still away at college but back in April and I keep counting down the days. I miss him like crazy but the way I look at it is, This is his future, I love him so I am going to support it, because once he comes home we are finding a place together and settling down and starting our lives together.

    If you love her you will look at the big picture and the future you will have once she is home. :)

  • Why don't you want her to go? It's not like you'd have to worry about another man stealing what you have. She's not a total looker. I'm sorry to have to call your girlfriend ugly, but she definitely won't be leaving you for anyone better looking. Just go see her while she's over seas. You lover her, she's gorgeous to you, and I'm sure you'd do anything for her. Don't be the dude that ruins her once in a life time chance, even if that means losing her. That's what love is, you take risk and you trust the other person.

    • Can't believe you would say that... You are such an asshole

    • I tell it how I see it.

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