What am I ding wrong?

i am a very shy and been told a very nice sweet guy but how come i have trouble finding a girl i am a 38 full time single dad of 2 i man up take care on my responsibility i work hard i know i am not good looking but i do have other good qualities how do i get a girl to seem them i want to settle down get married and even want more kids so what an i doing wrong i am tired of being played
i have tried online dating it has never worked i have sent thousands of replies over the years and had only had 2 dates


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  • Even though you seem to be hard-working good man, women might judge you from your appearance. It's never too late to start a diet and work out. Seeing you're committed do be a healthy man who can take care of a family would definitely be a turn on for any woman. My uncle always struggled with is weight but started to work out when he was 32 and now he is 44 and looks amazing for a man his age. If you acknowledge that you are not satisfied with your body, then you're up to a good start. A healthy man is always more appealing to women, that's a fact. Besides, working out is fun and you feel great after it. I wish you the best of luck sir! Never give up :)


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  • When I had a dating profile I never responded to guys with horrible grammar and spelling. I'm not expecting an English 101 professor but shit you've got to learn to use punctuation.

  • I'm sorry to say, it's probably just your weight :/

    • as for my weight i can't do any thing about if you can unfuse my left hip and remove to bullets from my back then yes ill lose my weight

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    • i was robbed shot and run over by a two truck when i was 20

    • WOw, and such strength! I'm so sorry you went through all that!! I'm sure you will find someone soon.

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  • Nice and sweet take a backseat to confidencelebrate and charisma. Also looks do matter, you don’t need to be a male model but most girls probably want a guy who is in at least average shape.

    You've sent thousands of replies that reeks of desperation. Girls can sense desperation like a shark can sense blood but unlike sharks, girls swim in the opposite direction of desperation.