Who are you dating and what's your story?

So me and my boyfriend have been best friends since Grade 10 (age 15) and we have both liked each other since Grade 11 (age 16) and we stayed close 100% of the way. We always had that special kinda friendship were we could never get mad at one another and we are always playful even when we are being mean to each other. Even our serous moments aren't so serious. Finally around Christmas he came over a week early to help me set up for my Christmas dinner I was having just for my friends and he trapped me in my room, got down on one knee with a cookie in his hand and asked me to be his girlfriend, I grabbed the cookie out of his hand took a bite and ran away with it. We've been together and happy ever since! <3

Who are you dating? High school/college sweetheart? best friend? a random? and what's the story to your true love

  • High School / College sweet heart! <3
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  • A random I just s happened to fall in love with! :3
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  • My bestfriend! :D
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  • Other! :)
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  • I'm just here to read the comments xD
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  • Middle/high school/college sweetheart. Met him in Costa Rica in 2007. Had a very intense flirtationship until 2011 when I asked him to homecoming. We lived 15 minutes away from each other back in the states. And now here we are.


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  • Me and my current girlfriend have known each other for two years before we started to date. We both had feelings for each other. And I just asked her out randomly after class, because I felt that it was now or never. And She told me that if I didn't ask her out that she would've asked me to prom with her, so things worked out great.

  • True love is a Lie. If not most single adults would have someone. If true love were real everone would conveniently have a true love there for them. It's a lie. It's people who tolerate other people for a long term. It will eventually end. Everything ends, nothing is forever.

    • why so negative...

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    • My beliefs aren't wrong... why are my beliefs! It is like telling 90% of the worlds population that believes that there is some type of god out there is wrong but they have a right to believe in it... Just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not real, because that is like saying "I cannot see air so it cannot be real" but yet alone I am still breathing.

      You are being disrespectful not just to me but 100% of the people in the world including yourself who at one point in their life believed in something they were told was not real. You sit here trying to throw facts at me saying if it was real everyone would have it but unfortunately that is not the case because not everyone is healthy, not everyone is rich, not everyone can sing not everyone can see or walk or hear or talk... that is life EVERYONE is equal but not everyone is the same. Not everyone gets the same thing or experiences everything the same. Not everyone gets true love because that is just how life works! Sorry.

    • Air can be scientifically proven, "god" can not so yes they are utterly wrong about it, Prove me otherwise. People who tend to believe in fantasy are the ones who ultimately end up posting on here about their heartbreaks. TherTheres nothing wrong with loving someone but to believe in a true love is down right silly and illogical.
      and with your last statement you prove me right. "true" means that its accurate in accordance to facts and reality, it means that its universally the same for everyone in reality. So with what you just said not everyone gets the same thing proves the fact that "true love" is as much a fantasy as unicorns.

What Girls Said 2

  • Well, I met my bf on New Years Eve at a NYE party. We met through a mutual best friend of ours. She set us up without my knowing. She told him a bunch about me and said that I was awesome and that he needed to meet me. As soon as we met, we hit it right off the bat. The whole night we talked and talked and by the end of it I had kissed him on his cheek (it was a dare, but I totally wanted to, haha). Throughout the next week we texted a bunch with each other and that week we hung out at our mutual friends house again. At first we started out just talking, but then we started to get closer and closer and somehow we ended up snuggling and cuddling and he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes and we kissed a couple of times and then he asked me out. We had this instant connection and I usually don't jump into relationships. It takes me months to become friends with the guy, develop a crush on him and decide whether or not I want to pursue a relationship, but with him it was different. I didn't need to waste my time deliberating all those things. I'm so glad I met him. <3

  • Me and @joeman1252 are dating and I don't know it jut kinda happened

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