Guys, do you believe the advice girls give you about what girls are attracted to? Why/Why not? Girls, can you read description please?

I've noticed that there are plenty of guys who disagree with girls when it comes to what girls want. There's the well known cliché of girls only like jerks which is denied by practically every girl I've seen answer the question but still many guys maintain this is true.

I've seen questions where girls say they don't mind male virgins while guys say they do, questions where girls say they like sweet guys while guys maintain they want dominant guys, questions where girls say they want equal partners and guys say they want a 'leader' for a boyfriend.

I asked a question asking if girls want dominant guys. Almost all girls said no while guys were almost 50 50 iirc.

So guys, do you believe girls when they say what they like?
Girls what do you think of these guys and their arguments?

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I forgot to say, obviously all girls give different advice but I think in most questions about what girls want there is a general consensus among the girls. That consensus and your opinion on it is what I'm asking about.


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  • Most girls give good advice about what behaviors, in a guy they are attracted to, would make them happy in the short term. Most are not as good about describing what behaviors make them actually attracted in the first place. There is some truth in the saying that 'asking women about dating is like asking the fish to recommend bait'. You're better off asking someone who is good at getting women, then women themselves.


    But some women are unusually self aware. In this case, it would be like finding a talking fish who is willing to critique your bait, and you'd probably be pretty excited as a fisherman to find that. Women who can really tell what they find attractive, not what they just 'like' give advice that is -gold-.

    For the record men are about as bad at this. Go ask guys if they like:
    - women in makeup
    - women dressed in revealing clothing
    - women who look high maintenance.

    Then go stand in a club and see which women get swarmed.


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  • one can be sweet and dominant
    one can be a non-virgin but not a manwhore

    for some reason, it seems guys cannot seem to grasp that there are middle regions to these terms, that the situation doesn't have to be EXTREME one way or another.

    a girl says she wants a nice guy, and a guy assumes that she wants a slave who will do her bidding.
    a girl says she wants a dominant guy, and a guy assumes that she wants to be led around like a dog with no say in anything.

    stop thinking in extremes and life will be a great deal easier.

    • Yeah good point everything is better in moderation, but I think the reason a lot of guys don't believe in they want a nice guy is because they see a lot of girls in abusive relationships and having trouble leaving where as a girl can easily reject or leave a nice guy.

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    • @harakiri yeah I know what you mean, but I don' think there is anything wrong with playing it safe either I think a guy should build up the courage to ask a girl out only after he believes he has read enough signals from her that she is attracted to him otherwise I don't see the point of humiliating yourself by asking girls out that you have a pretty good hunch they're not interested in you and vice-versa for women I think women should see it that way too.

    • @blondfrog i completely agree with that :)

  • Being a girl im not going to lie about what I like. Im very straight forward. If I don't like certain things I will tell you without hesitation. The only reason why some girls lie and what they like is because they haven't fully accepted it. Guys don't ask for a girls advice/pov on something if your not going to actually use it to your advantage. Im a very picky person with average/high standards. No I won't date someone with bad breath, bad grades, abusive (dealt with that before), who is mean and so on... I do feel most women like a man who can protect her and guide her in the right direction. But he also have to be nice and loving. Girls are complicated but hey... its the truth.

  • I dont like jerks. And girls dont desire jerks.. They just sometimes end up with one. Just as a good guy can end up with a jerk for a GF.

    At my age I want an experienced man in bed. Dominant too. No virgins for me. As far as a partner, a confident leader who is equal too. There is a difference between dominance w/respect and dominance without respect.

    • Why do you think so many guys seem to belive that girls lie about that kind of stuff?

    • I bet if you looked at the ages you would see a difference depending on age. Most men I know in my age range understand these things so assume our understanding of each other comes with age, life experience and maturity.

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  • I believe it works for them and I also know that each girl is/can be different from the one before and the next. there usually is a general answer tied between all of them that they can agree on.

  • To be honest I do believe most of the things they say, but the only thing I don't like is when they say they want a guy to be confident because that word is so generalized and isn't really detailed advice which is what most of us human beings can relate to and understand. For example when someone gives another one advice about a certain experience and an exact behavior's of somebody else's (i. e)
    "I don't like the way some people come into class in school with a scarf around their neck and drinking a cup of coffee you know what I mean"?

  • The problem is every girl is different and wants different things. This is why people shouldn't lose hope in the dating world.

  • You have to watch what women do, not what they say.

    • Which pretty much undermines the whole site surely.

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    • @findingmyway I was thinking more like women claiming they want nice guys vs. How many flock to 50shades.

    • Yes :-) that makes sense.. my example was just general for simple understanding.. Poor example choice lol.

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