Does he have another girl?

I had been liking a guy for more than 1 year and revealed my feelings to him few months back. He did not avoid me after that but did tell me to wait for his reply. He has given me no answer to whether he likes me or not. On the other hand, I arranged a surprise birthday party for him and he said he felt so blessed. He is sure about my feelings. It's obvious. He is not avoiding me but at the same time I am in a confusion to whether he likes me or not. Also that day I was chatting with him over Facebook messenger and he disappeared in between but I saw him staying online for a longer time. Was he chatting with someone else? Should I move on?


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  • Yes. To the last question anyways. I believe you should move on. I would hate for you to wait around for this guy to come around when he might not. If he wants you, he wouldn't keep you guessing and waiting, he'd go after you. A mature guy would anyways. You deserve a guy that lets you know immediately, "Hey, I do have feelings for you and I want to explore where our relationship could go". Not a guy that plays mind guys and could possibly just be stringing you along. I'm sure you could find someone much better suited for you. And, I wish all the luck to you!


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