Kind/soft face with masculine swagger. Can this be attractive?

I've been called cute or pretty about as much as I've been called hot. I'm a slim and toned guy standing at 5'10. Girls have told me I have big expressive eyes and a very "innocent" looking face. I'm Asian so I guess big eyes is a compliment? I have an androgynous face and have been told a few times I would make a very pretty female... That ain't my style but I'll take it for what it's worth. People have also told me I have a deep voice for how I look. Upon revealing my age to strangers, they're surprised and often assume I'm 8-10 years younger than I really am.

However, I am in no way effeminate unless you consider diamond studs as feminine (I wear them for sentimental reasons). I don't dress like a "pretty boy" but I do comb and style my hair (side-part is my go to do). You'll never catch me wearing anything other than my boots and my fashion sense is more along the lines of "gangsta" i. e. beaters in the warmer months and a hoodie w/ jacket in the colder ones whenever I'm out and about.

I've just been reading women's opinions on "cute" verse "hot" but can not figure out where I fall. I guess I look cute but I carry myself in a manner often associated with guys considered hot. Girls seem pretty black and white on this preference and some of the authors even expressed disdain for the other end of the spectrum.

I know I am attractive to some women but unfortunately most times a girl expresses interest, they end up being a teenager. I've been approached at bars as well but not as often as I'd like (I am aware this is a man's role but I'm no good at talking to women). Sometimes I feel like women my age won't take me seriously because of how I look. I'm aware I should probably update my wardrobe to "fit in" but I'm not typically the one to do things just to fit in. I would just like to hear some opinions on this since it's been bugging me lately.

Would a woman be opposed to dating a guy that looks younger than her despite us being similar in age?


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  • You've just described a super hot boy in my opinion... Sorry to say a lot of my friends probably wouldn't think the same though. Some people I know would though! Nothing is absolute. Also, I'm not sure if there's really clear line drawn between "cute" and "hot" when describing a guy or gal that's attractive.. or at least I've never actually thought about it or have been aware of one. I'm a teen so I guess this is one of those times you were referring to. Don't get so down though, bud. Someone that you also have interest in will eventually express interest, I'm sure. There are many different kinds of people in the world with many different tastes. Keep trying! :) (Btw it's completely cool if you don't feel comfortable approaching girls that's not a "man's job"! It's the job of whoever feels comfortable doing so.)

    • Thanks! While I know it's not a man's obligation to approach women, I feel like it is. I've been approached a few times before and every time I just felt like a little bitch because they're the ones trying to sweet talk me and keep the conversation going despite me being pretty quiet due to nerves. I do not mean to diminish the compliments from the teenager age group as a compliment is a compliment, especially if you're a male.

      Thanks for answering my question as well. I figured most girls would like one or the other and the middle-ground is just viewed as weird. I guess I've always been a weird guy though.

    • That's okay middle ground is totally awesome :) Who needs definite answers anyway? Haha, no probs!

  • Depends on the woman but tbh you're lucky man - imagine being 50 but passing of as 25 -not bad :D


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