He broke up with me.. should I know why?

I was seeing this guy for a few months and everything was great… We weren't official yet but we were really close. then tonight he just called to break it off out of the blue. The phone call was a minute long and I just said yup thanks for calling take care. And we hung up.

Now he texted me right after asking if I want to know why. Should I say yes, or no?


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  • If you weren't having sex that's probably why a lot of guys are jerks like that! I wouldn't want to know it sounds sketchy

    • We started sleeping together in December so its not that. He just texted me everything without me replying and said it's long distance (1hr away) and that we don't have much in common. We both have cats, we love the same kind of music, we get each others sense of humour.. I don't understand

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    • @SoulGirl Honestly he could have said something but your probably overthinking it. He probably met someone closer that's my guess. Keep your head up girl

    • You're probably right. As usual, I get my heart broken or I'm never good enough. Thanks for your input :)

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  • I think you deserve to know


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  • Yes you should know.
    No matter what, i feel we need to have a reason, a closure then we all can part ways and move to a new chapter of life

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