Is this a red flag? (Filler)?

Ok so with me relationship wise there's noramlly a LOT of anxiety etc. But with this guy I've been dating for 3 weeks. There hasn't been any. And I'm just enjoying myself. So, I've caught myself in the past week, thinking my ex's name by accident (I. e I'd picture my bf's face but my ex's name I mistook for my bf's...) is that a red flag of something? The thing is I'm sure I like my bf...


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  • It's only been 3 weeks, give it more time. Thinking about an ex or comparing your bf with your ex is natural. Maybe less anxiety means this bf is special or maybe it means he's a rebound. Either way, you are currently both are enjoying yourselves. Just take it easy for a bit longer before you decide. (Maybe you see this guy as more of a friend?)

    • My first relationship was a rebound from a really huge crush I had, I feel like I'd feel the same as I di then if it were.. (Might be wrong?) You're right! I should just give it more time. Thanks, you really put my mind at ease!

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