Thoughs on suggesting to this girl that we talk and get to know each other better?

we have already meet in person and talked briefly on a couple occasions but those encounters all took place at a busy bar and we didn't really get chance to get to know each other yet. and I sense there is some interest from her but get feeling she doesn't really know me enough yet. and sensed at bar some nervousness from her when she saw me.
I don't have her # yet , only thing I have so far is her Twitter page , I added her but she didn't follow me yet so I can't send her a private message. she also lists her snap chat info but I don't have an account on that site.

anyways I want to suggest we like talk and get to know each other better but not sure how to go about doing that? or if she's the kind of girl who has time for that sort of thing


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  • You could tweet her and ask her if she would like to go to a coffee house or think of somewhere with less noise. All you can do is ask...


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