What is my "friends with benefits" doing?

Long story short we did like each other and everything was great, he said I was moving too fast and that he preferred a different race of women. So now we are friends then 1 day I proposed friends with benefits and we agreed. But there's a little confusion, he randomly texts me and just says hey and short talk and I reply with what's up and he always says I don't knows. I think what is the point of even texting me to myself. He's always asking what I'm doing and where I am. He even asked me to buy something for him and I replied with will you buy me something and he replied with how much... I think this is a weird arrangement of friends with benefits . after we're done having sex we sit and have deep conversations about life and our plans or just things going on. I thought friends with benefits text to have sex and leave no other text in between and when we don't talk for awhile he texts me first and sometimes never replies. I don't understand him


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  • Looks like he wants a relationship. If you ever get into a relationship he is going to become jealous/possessive. Ditch him.


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  • Friends with benefits is sex and that is it in your mind. Maybe in his mind it is actually having sex with a friendship free to talk about life. To me he is having relationship with no commitment, he gets to engage with you emotionally talking about life and plans but doesn't have to do anymore than that b/c you set the standard that he didn't have to provide anything more but sex and you blurred the lines by talking about intimate things... he gets to do what he wants and b/c you aren't saying anything contrary he will continue...

    • What's up with him wanting me to buy him things and then him turning around to buy me something?

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    • True that! Thanks for your thought too

    • Yup yup