Does making out give up too much too soon?

I know having sex is giving up too much too soon (well, if it is soon). But what about making out?

Like making out before you know eachother too well? Like seeing eachother only a few times?

Then we talked after and it was like... Oh crap, I don't really know you.

He apologized for kissing me too much too soon but I mean, we talked a lot and now I worry he has a bad impression of something I said or did.

Just waned to hear some more, thanks so much


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  • Making out leads to sex.

    It's like saying, "Hey, let's get in the car, start it, and not drive anywhere."

    Any man who would leave you for not giving him sex only wanted one thing anyway: Your body.

    Let me ask you, what about your heart?

    Very few men put a woman's heart above her body. Learn to find those few men. (A hint, listen to your gut, not your heart.)

    • It would never ever ever lead to sex for me but for him I of course had it in my mind wondering what he would do. he seemed like he was really holding himself back and was a gentleman but we still got to the point of making out. I'm no good at this :-/ Thank you

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    • It is my pleasure, hon, to help you.

      When I say trust your gut, when you look at some guy who lights a fire in your soul, your heart will want you to run to him, but your GUT will be telling you he has a drug problem. Or, he is violent, or, maybe, he already has a girlfriend, but because his heart is so scarred over sex means nothing to him, and he is always searching for someone new.

      Listen to your gut. Learn to hear it. I had to learn to hear every word my instincts told me when I was in there with 200+ Lb wolves. It was never wrong. If I "Pet the wolf" when my instincts were telling me not to, stuff like this happens:

      Always trust your gut, especially with men, hon. Learn to trust God for the healing of your tender heart. You have already been through so much pain, do not let it drag you down and keep your heart cold. Learn to trust again. It is fearful and difficult, but you will not be happy unless you do.

    • Thank you again for that because I admit I've started to feel a bit fearful. I have been worried about letting my heart go cold too.

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  • It is better to avoid all physical contact until you are actually married.


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  • Why would you worry he has a bad impression of you when he was the one apologizing?

    • I'm just thinking back to how he left, just was kind of awkward. He apologized, maybe it's part of that. Or maybe he apologized and used it as an excuse. It was just awkward :-/ I know time will tell.