This girl at my school gets jealous so easily?

So I've been in a relationship with a couple guys for the past few years, but every single time I get in a relationship, this girl gets jealous for some reason and starts flirting like crazy with the guys I'm dating. And when I break up, and start dating another guy after a while, she starts going after him. My boyfriend never cheated on me, but it was just really annoying. One time, my boyfriend told her that she shouldn't be flirting too much with a guy in a relationship and she completely flipped out on ME, and I didn't even ask him to do this. Would you be annoyed if this happened? How should I deal with her?


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  • Stroke her hair lovingly and tell her that it will be OK.. One day she will be a big girl with secure feelings and won't have to fuck other ladies men to feel good about her self. Look into her eyes in a loving and forgiving way when you say this because she is obviously butt hurt by your success with men and most likely just wants to be you... be nice to the poor thing.

    • I love this! haha
      I will do so

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