How do I ask a girl out?

I am having trouble asking a girl out.


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  • When you see her, don't think, seriously, just go to her without double thinking or you'll back off. Just say to yourself "Fuck it" and GO.
    Take her to a safe place where you're both alone (you don't wanna do that in front of her friends), and simply look at her eyes and ask her out.
    I know it's kinda "scary", you'll be nervous, that's normal, but you have to do it, you have no choice if you wanna be with her.


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  • sounds like a stupid answer but just fucking do it trust me and tel me how it goes

    hold your breath for 15seconds type "willl you go on a date with me" and just wait by the way tell me how it goes

  • "Would you like to go out?" < Works

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